SupplyX Inventory Management System

Manage Medical Supplies with Dashboard Simplicity

Tracking medical supplies across multiple sites can be a complex and unwieldy process—with inefficiencies leading to stockouts, waste, and lost revenue. The Omnicell® SupplyX Inventory Management System simplifies and automates this process with a real-time web-based dashboard and reporting suite for materials managers.

SupplyX connects directly to open shelving and Omnicell XT Automated Supply Dispensing Cabinets, translating data from these systems into the user-friendly dashboard. Log in from anywhere for an instant, real-time status check of stockout events, stock values, par values, vendor score card, and more. To do a deeper dive, simply drill down or click on any report in the dashboard.

Real-Time Data at Your Fingertips

  • Easy-to-use dashboard gives you a real-world view of all stock at all sites
  • Provides actionable insights needed to smoothly manage supply chain activity
  • Expanded inventory visibility lets you use and buy less
  • Allows nurses to focus on patient care, rather than hunting for supplies

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  • Reduces inventory consumption

  • Increases revenue through charge capture

  • Drives revenue by increasing stock turns

  • Enhances quality of care through stock availability

  • Enables dashboard-style analytics and reporting for Omnicell Supply Management System, whether used with open shelving or Omnicell XT Automated Supply Dispensing Cabinets
  • Tracks costs at patient and procedure level 
  • Enables ordering to be based on current stock levels and usage, not order cycles
  • Supports “hub and spoke” model of stocking
  • Allows items to be easily located in a recall
  • Web-based system is easy for users to learn and navigate—easy to add new supply items
  • Dashboard can be customized by user with “favorites”
  • Time-saving mobile app for convenient cycle counting, transfers, and more
  • Interfaces seamlessly with the Omnicell Unity enterprise platform via the OmniCenter® server 
  • Meets both GS1 and UDI standards

Note: Features subject to availability by region and release date.