Omnicell medication management technology.
Fewer human touches, greater human care.

No other healthcare company offers more solutions for transforming medication management, from hospital to home.

Omnicell helps you simultaneously drive down costs while improving safety and adherence through the latest digital technologies—including automation, robotics, intelligence, work as a service, and cloud infrastructure.

Our medication adherence products enable pharmacies to broaden their business while playing an integral role in solving nonadherence, which adds $300 billion each year to U.S. medical costs.

Choose from scalable adherence packaging options to patient engagement software in order to achieve your goals and impact patient outcomes.

Omnicell provides a more autonomous system for managing medication that benefits closed door pharmacies and the long-term care facilities they serve.

Our medication adherence packaging, along with supporting software and automation, enables you to further differentiate your business by enhancing the patient experience.

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